About Us
"I had the pleasure of attending the YWCA's evening event hosted by Padilla Speer Beardsley and I am here to tell you the food was perfect. It was beautiful. It tasted great. It was clearly high quality. I am now among your fans. I will hold on to your business card and look for an excuse to try you myself....either for a private party or a work function. Nice job to you and your staff. It was a great evening. Thank you."

S.T. Rollin

Corporate Client
"I hope you know how rare it is for people like me, who have to rely on people like you to make great impressions with your food and your service, to be able to find someone like Crowning Touch. I'm so confident in your abilities, I never have to worry, and that's such a joy!!! Thanks for ALL you do for us."

Jeanine Pattee

Corporate Client